Scouts Camp

I went camping with my two little ones this weekend with Scouts. We had a great time.

My best friend and her daughter were going, and she has to eat gluten-free as well. We decided to take a look at the planned menu, and work around that. We skipped Friday night, and drove up on Saturday, so we only had to figure out lunch, dinner, and breakfast for Sunday.

Lunch was hot dogs, and we purchased a natural brand with minimal ingredients. There was fresh fruit and vegetables, and chips to go along with them. My friend also purchased a couple of treats for us in the form of gluten-free cookies.

Snack was apples and cheese, so that worked out well.

Dinner was soft shell tacos. My friend and I decided to pre-bake a couple of sweet potatoes and use those as a base, then add the ground beef and assorted veggies and taco toppings. There was also a mixed green salad and dressing.

We discovered during dinner a few other people there didn’t eat wheat either, and had brought Udi’s tortillas. I tried one and they were delicious, although they fall apart rather easily.

Breakfast the next morning was a bit of a bungle because we were originally going to make plantain banana pancakes, but we didn’t have time to make them before camp. I ended up snacking on leftovers for breakfast, which was fine, but I will be more prepared next year.

Blood sugars were pretty awesome throughout the trip, but it wasn’t until Sunday afternoon after the kids and I got home and had time to relax that I experienced a really intense low.

At 2.8mmol (or 50mg), I ate some a lot of peanut butter and a granola bar and took a nap. When I woke up I was still only at 3.7mmol, (or 66mg). By then it was dinner, so it was alright that I was still low.


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