When does the trip start to feel real?

Is it when you’ve been driving for a couple of hours and you finally hit the dirt road that leads you deeper into wilderness?

Is it when you’re unloading your gear from the car?

Maybe it’s when you’ve finally loaded all your gear into the canoe and you dip your paddle into the cool lake water to take your first stroke.

For me, the trip starts to feel real at the first portage; when I have to unpack all the gear from the canoe and start hiking it across the rock-strewn path. It’s real when I have to adjust my pump’s basal dose to -%20 and hope I still don’t hit a low while I’m slogging through the bush.

I’m a type 1 diabetic trekker, and I love playing outdoors. I hope you’ll be inspired to get out and play too. Diabetes shouldn’t hold you back from having the adventure of your life. With a little bit of careful planning, your next camping expedition should leave you breathless with stunning vistas, not from wonky blood sugars.

I travel with an Animas Ping pump, and it makes my trekking life much easier than when I had multiple daily injections.

My goal is to inspire other diabetics to get out and enjoy a more adventurous lifestyle. Because we can.

Too often we’re told by our doctors, our parents, and people who care about us, that we have to be very careful, that we shouldn’t take unnecessary risks, that we should stick to what we know.

And mostly they’re right. But too often, as a diabetic, we let these fears hold us back from some truly amazing experiences.

Camping out in the wilderness is no joke, and as a diabetic even less so; however with some extra planning, your next adventure could change your entire life!

Take care, Trekkers, and happy trails!



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